December 2, 2023

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MSI Titan GT77 HX gaming laptop review

MSI Titan GT77 HX gaming laptop review

I think I actually hate it. Part of that, I will admit, is down to my deep-seated frustration at the ever-increasing price of modern gaming PC hardware, pricked by the fact that MSI has tagged the Titan GT77 HX with a $5,300 sticker price. Ever was it so for gaming laptops, that their price tags will always be far in advance of what you’d pay for a desktop machine of equivalent. But this is getting ridiculous.

It is, however, entirely possible for a piece of hardware to be expensive and good value. All I want is to feel like I’ve not been ripped off. And honestly, with the Titan GT77 I feel like all I’ve got is a gaming laptop anachronism with a little modern tech slapped inside.