April 23, 2024

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Two New Jersey men adrift at sea, then found

Two New Jersey men adrift at sea, then found
A crew from New York returns sailors Kevin Hyde and Joe Ditomasso to dry land after their ordeal at sea aboard Atrevida II.

His voice was broken up by a terrible relationship. But on Dec. 3, Joe DiTomasso still left a concept with his daughter: The sailboat journey to the Florida Keys was heading well. 

Then the 76-year-previous, a former auto mechanic from New Jersey, stopped responding. 

For the following 10 frantic days, fears grew as the silence continued. The Coast Guard introduced a enormous look for of 21,000 square miles of ocean for DiTomasso and his friend, Kevin Hyde, 65. 

The two males and a puppy named Minnie experienced still left New Jersey on Thanksgiving weekend on a 30-foot sailboat bound for Marathon, Florida, but hadn’t been listened to from since reaching the Outer Banking institutions of North Carolina. 

“We were being mentally making ready for the worst,” Nina DiTomasso, 37, told Usa Now.

That was until finally Tuesday, when a tanker ship spotted a sailboat, seemingly adrift, additional than 200 miles off the coastline of Delaware. On deck, guys waved their arms, and a flag. The tanker came alongside and plucked them to protection.

“We all just commenced screaming when we listened to the news, crying and cheering, for the reason that it was just so unbelievable,” Nina DiTomasso reported.