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Top 10 Programming Languages that are Loved by Stack Overflow Users

Top 10 Programming Languages that are Loved by Stack Overflow Users
by Preethi Cheguri December 7, 2022


Stack Overflow has compiled a list of the best 10 programming languages that are loved by its people

Programming languages are the backbone of any application enhancement and are vital for the advancement course of action. Picking the right language for the position is a important conclusion in the success of any venture. The programming language that is utilized by a person suggests how expert they are and also how significantly they love them.

Stack Overflow is an on the web group where programmers can request and answer queries about coding difficulties, share their know-how, and help each individual other out with their tasks. Stack Overflow’s annual survey disclosed some appealing insights about what programming languages developers prefer and why. In this short article, we will just take a search at what Stack Overflow discovered in their study.

Stack Overflow has compiled a record of the major 10 programming languages that are loved by its people. They are as follows:

1.    Rust: Control above low-stage details is the main edge of adopting this system’s programming language. When memory is no for a longer time essential and can be cleaned up, Rust decides at compile time, supplying you the selection of placing knowledge on the stack or the heap. This enables more rapidly memory obtain as effectively as successful memory utilization.    

2. TypeScript: It is a superset of JavaScript and largely presents classes, interfaces, and optional static typing. The ability to enable IDEs to give a richer environment for viewing usual errors as you type the code is one of the important positive aspects.

3.    Python: Even however it is not the chosen language for shopper purposes like 3D online games or mobile applications, Python is on a regular basis utilized by organizations that develop these applications for applications and utilities.

4.    Kotlin: It is a new language for the JVM, in the beginning introduced by JetBrains in 2011. Regardless of getting an item-oriented language that is “better” than Java, Kotlin is nevertheless totally compatible with Java code.

5.    Go: Go was produced for application engineering. Not each and every innovation is excellent, but when a programming language is produced particularly for the set up that the the greater part of us use today—scalable, effectiveness-centered cloud servers—a whole lot can go appropriate with this programming language.

6.    Julia: A large-amount, versatile, and dynamic programming language referred to as Julia has numerous awesome abilities for apps in info science, scientific computing, and synthetic intelligence. Julia contains a prosperity of libraries and tools for data investigation and visualization and was crafted from the ground up to be successful and uncomplicated to use.

7.    Dart: Dart is a class-primarily based, open up-source, statically (and strongly) typed programming language created by Google for creating on the web and cell apps. Dart supports dynamic typing with the ‘dynamic’ style, irrespective of getting statically typed.

8.    C#: C# is the 3rd most prevalent language made use of by seasoned desktop and net software builders, in accordance to StackOverflow’s 2017 analyze. Info experts and DevOps engineers routinely make use of C# in addition to on the net and desktop purposes.

9.    Swift: It is an open up-source and typical-function programming language established by Apple Inc. and was manufactured out there in 2014 for Linux and Apple platforms.

10. JavaScript: Javascript still retains factors, this sort of as dynamic information kinds and dynamic code era, that are rather standard of what we take into account to be a scripting language. Although Javascript was in the beginning just a simple interpreted programming language, in the course of the earlier handful of yrs, considerable adjustments have been built to the way the code is executed.  

Conclusion: The languages that developers drive to use the most but have not began using are broken down by Stack Overflow. This checklist is vastly various from the most popular and dreaded lists, which are built up of languages that program engineers previously use regularly.

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