April 14, 2024

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Strong performance all round on third day of 2023 MGM Macao International Regatta

Strong performance all round on third day of 2023 MGM Macao International Regatta

MACAU, January 8 – Collaborating teams entered the third day of the 2023 MGM Macao Global Regatta striving for strong effectiveness.  Blue H2o, Zhongshan Sailing Staff and LC Sailing Crew received the third day by day award of the Macao Cup Intercontinental Regatta (Beneteau 1st 40.7 unified layout team), the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Higher Bay Place Cup Regatta (IRC team) and the Worldwide Catamaran Invitational (Hobie 16 unified design group), respectively.  All teams will continue on to display their most effective tomorrow to fight for the all round champions title.

Two rounds of races were contested in the Macao Cup Global Regatta and the Better Bay Region Cup Regatta today.  Major Boys Sailing Staff, Blue Drinking water, ExeQute Racing and SailingIn were being involved in a limited contest.  The day-to-day top three teams are Blue Drinking water, Huge Boys Sailing Group and SailingIn.  Big Boys Sailing Group guide the overall standing, adopted by Blue Drinking water and ExeQute Racing.

In the Greater Bay Space Cup Regatta, Zhongshan Sailing Team continued the good variety to arrive out every day winners and retake the all round direct from Guangzhou Nansha Sailing Group, immediately after the latter retired in the second race these days.  Odyssey of the Sea Club jumped to third position in general following winning day by day second place.  CADDX-FPV are the every day 3rd-area crew.

Four rounds of races have been held these days in the Worldwide Catamaran Invitational.  The first two rounds were being a fight among daily top 3 teams LC Sailing Team, Windseekers and Whale Group.  In the meantime, Wavelets place up a potent display with a 3rd-location complete in the third spherical and a initially-put complete in the fourth spherical.  In the all round standing, LC Sailing Workforce seize the direct from Cat Fever, with Windseekers completing the prime 3.

The opening ceremony of the ‘2023 MGM Macao Worldwide Regatta – Sailing Fun Day’ was held at Vista of MGM Macau this morning, and the Pleasurable Day will go on tomorrow from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm.  Game booths, workshops and interactive performances are on give, and admission is free of charge.

For far more detailsof the function, make sure you visit the formal internet site www.macaoregatta.com, or comply with the “Macao Major Sporting Events” Facebook web page, “澳門體育” (Macao Sports) WeChat public account and “澳門特區體育局” (Macao SAR Sporting activities Bureau) WeChat membership account.