June 23, 2024

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New Ways Businesses Are Using Tech to Achieve Greater Results

New Ways Businesses Are Using Tech to Achieve Greater Results

Regardless of how big or small a business is, you will find that there are always ways for it to grow and achieve more, not only for its customers but also for its employees and, of course, the owners too. For that reason, business owners should always be looking for new and innovative ways to improve their business so that they can cope with higher levels of demand or bring in fresh ideas to build their product range further. 

The biggest way that businesses tend to bring in improvements is with technology. The number of uses for technology within any business is constantly growing and evolving, and although not without its risks, it is one of the most promising ways for businesses of any shape or size to get results quickly. Technology can also open many doors for businesses wishing to grow and expand in key areas. 

External services 

The vast majority of businesses can’t do everything themselves. Of course, many would like to, but unfortunately, it is next to impossible. You will find that a lot of businesses like to invest in online external services to help out with their busiest times and when they need to get work done quickly. They will often outsource and get a professional hand to guide them through difficult patches, such as with outsourcing IT. They might also look into getting freelancers, who are exceptional individuals that can help them with work that they might need an extra one or two people on. This can include key areas such as accounting, where you might find individuals such as Michael Savage New Canaan citizen assets, who focus on virtual accounting.

Technology allows these businesses and their external sources to communicate and help the business grow even further and keep a professional appearance even when overloaded with work. 

BI Software 

BI Software can be a great way for businesses to utilize the data that comes through their businesses. This can be an essential method for creating a more powerful and targeted marketing campaign, which can help companies to understand what their consumers demand from their business. This also helps to create further levels of trust between customers and businesses, as performance and services seem more tailored to the user, promoting customer loyalty and other benefits. 

BI software is mainly focused on data analytics, which can help businesses see trends within their business, compare that to the past of their business, and use it to make predictions about the future. It can help them to be more prepared for busier periods and carefully hone product launches to get the best results. 


Of course, working with all this technology does have some drawbacks. The more technology a business has, the more software it uses, and the more reliant on that software it is, the more likely it is going to face a cyber breach. This can damage the reputation of both the business and the business owner, not just compromise customer’s data. You will find it can also be a huge financial loss, and many small businesses that survive a cyber attack still go bankrupt within half a year

Automating HR 

A lot of companies also automate their HR and for a good reason. If you are unfamiliar with this, you might be a bit confused as to why businesses are investing in automating their emotional and mental support sectors. This is not the case, as automating HR allows HR teams to work more with people and solve very pressing matters with employees; automating HR is simply a way to cover more of the admin side of the job. You will find that human error in HR can be both irritating and damaging, and the possibility of human error in HR teams is very high. By automating this, you are cutting this out of the business and making sure that teams aren’t weighed down with long, repetitive jobs that take hours, which a computer can do in a matter of minutes. 


Due to the pandemic, there have been a lot of businesses forced to go online and rely heavily on their websites. In turn, this has allowed the areas of website improvement to be explored in greater detail. In the past five years, chatbots have come on by leaps and bounds to the point that no website is complete without one. A chatbot can act as a guide, can act as a shop clerk for Q and A, and it can also act as an accessibility assistant.

Social media and social media influencer marketing 

Social media marketing is a great way to take advantage of a social platform that a lot of people use. By getting in on trends, hunting down the audience or community for your business niche and slotting itself in, and building a great brand identity, businesses can get into their customers’ heads to the point where the businesses seem very organic and human. When done well, this is a frighteningly good tactic for any business to jump into, as it can help a business build an excellent customer base and a community around their business. 

Social media influencer marketing can be another great way to reach a target audience. If a business is new to social media, a powerful and fast way to gain followers is to piggyback off of someone else. If a business is starting out and wants to integrate into a certain community, all it has to do is get in contact with a social media influencer marketing agency, they can pair the business up with an influencer, and for a sum, the influencer can market and review a product for the business to their already established fanbase. 

Building an international community

Technology can also help communities to form all over the world around a business. A business can easily create a Discord server for members and loyal customers to hear announcements and get a closer look at the business, as well as communicate between themselves and form friendships and groups within the business community. This is an excellent strategy that can also be quite cheap to manage if you don’t have a very large budget. 

Reward systems 

Technology has allowed businesses to solidify and improve reward systems for customers and employees alike. This grows loyalty and can help businesses to personalize a customer’s experience a lot more by giving them unique deals based on their previous purchases; it can also be used for point systems and discounts for new customers. This can add a lot of appeal to a business for many customers all over the world, and seeing as customers no longer need to come in stores to redeem points, and they can do it whenever it is convenient for them, businesses and customers form a tighter bond. 

To wrap everything up

Any business that wants to use technology to achieve greater results is almost spoilt for choice. Whether this is through using chatbots and social media to improve customer loyalty and brand association or improving their internal workings by investing in BI software and outsourcing certain jobs, technology provides a wealth of ways that businesses can improve, tailor their services exactly to their customers and create better products and read customer feedback. Ultimately, these are all things they need to succeed in the world of international trade.