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Clarkson University Senior Aerospace Engineering Class Gets Tour of Beta Technologies

Clarkson University Senior Aerospace Engineering Class Gets Tour of Beta Technologies
Students at Beta

On November 14, 2022, the Clarkson University senior aerospace engineering structure course took a tour of the Beta Technologies (https://www.beta.crew) aircraft firm. Beta has a check flight facility positioned about two several hours from Clarkson at the Plattsburgh, NY airport. This tour was then followed by a next tour of Beta’s key engineering and manufacturing facility at their Burlington, VT airport site. The college students were being accompanied by Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Professors Brian Helenbrook and Ken Visser.

Beta is developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for cargo and passenger company. The pupils ended up first presented a presentation of the firm’s history, followed by a Q & A period with the Beta engineers. 

In the hangar, the learners were being demonstrated the to start with technological innovation prototype Beta created named Ava. Ava served as a tech demonstrator to get the corporation off the floor. Beta defined that their first concept focused on a tilt-rotor propulsion method. They then went by the structure method and how they determined to decouple the lift and ahead flight modes, namely the electric powered Vertical TakeOff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft method from the Standard TakeOff and Landing (CTOL) configuration, and so was born the notion of Alia.

Alia is a 6-passenger eVTOL plane that can also operate exclusively as CTOL plane. Beta has created two prototypes of the vehicle, just one for each manner, and is actively traveling these as they go towards certification. Learners ended up authorized to study the plane and even climb inside to sit in the pilot seat. 

Alia is driven forward with a common pusher propeller. It obtains vertical raise from 4 lift props located on the higher booms. Immediately after lifting off vertically, the rear propeller engages and the elevate props are stowed for forward flight, after more than enough forward motion has enabled common flight.

The college students had been upcoming taken to the main engineering plant and hangar at the Burlington airport in Vermont. Right here they have been proven the producing facilities and wherever the corporation engineers operate. Equally of the Alia aircraft were being built there. In addition to the all round plane layout, there is a big concentrate on motors and controls, as Beta has established they will need to create and produce their personal motors and management units. The tour then took all people outdoors to a person of Beta’s aviation charging station concepts, an elevated system that Beta hopes to deploy as infrastructure across the US, not just for their plane, but for all electric powered aircraft. They have presently designed supplemental stations and there are strategies for more. (https://www.beta.staff/charge/) 

The Clarkson Coulter College of Engineering desires to thank Ken ‘71 and Grace Solinsky for their assistance! The vacation supported one of the method plans of the Solinsky Engineering Leadership Problem, namely, to get more Clarkson engineering students to go to production and industrial vegetation. These visits assistance students make connections between their coursework and true-world engineering and to excite them about professions in highly developed production.