Byte CII Worlds Day 2

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Riva del Garda- Trentino: Second day of the World Byte Championships with classic conditions on Upper Garda. Sunshine and a southerly wind of 12-14 knots allowed four races to be completed today bringing to a total of 5 overall. The competitors had  started to prepare themselves in front of the club during the morning even though the first race was scheduled for 12.30. This was delayed  to 13.30 to wait for the wind from the south which was turning quickly. Hungarian Jonatan Vadnai leads in the men’s category. He is the defending world champion having won it last year at Newport, USA. Vadnai took three firsts and a third today, but the most impressive part was the lead he took in some races over his opponents. In second place but 21 points behind is Houtman of The Netherlands and third is Zivanovic of Croatia. The Italians are in good positions with Umberto Varbaro (LNI Follonica) fifth and Vittorio Gallinaro of Fraglia Vela Riva who climbed into seventh place after two fine fourths.

IThe objective,however, is to be one of the 6 nations to qualify for the Youth Olympics. Croatia and Hungary have already qualified. In the women’s category Van Aanholt and Akkerman of The Netherlands hold the top two positions while Italian Carolina Albano (CV Muggia) is third after a good second partial in the penultimate race.
Races start at 13.00  Friday, 25th April.

Results after 5 race M:…

Results after 5 race F:…

Byte CII World Championships Day 1

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World Byte Championships: Hungary and The Netherlands lead.
The World Byte CII Championships have got under way at Fraglia Vela Riva, Riva del Garda. This event counts as continental qualifier for Europe and for the first time Africa who have three teams taking part on Garda, Trentino, Algeria, Egypt and South Africa. In the men’s category, thirty-six participants are taking part representing 21 countries from as far away as South Africa, St. Lucia , Singapore and Brazil. Twenty-seven participants are in the women’s category from 18 different countries including Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Ukraine, Algeria and Egypt.

The first day of the regatta started with sunny skies and a promising wind from the south, however at around lunch-time the clouds started to roll in causing the wind to drop limiting the number of races to only one. In the men’s category Jonatan Vadnai of Hungary leads followed by Westerhof of The Netherlands and Roen of France. In a strong fourth position is Italian Umberto José Varbaro (LNI Follonica), who last year was a silver medallist in the Optimist team World Championships here at Riva del Garda.

hun2 partenza

Varbaro has shown good speed especially on the stern and he is certainly very focused on the race. The group is very tightly packed and competitive and just one small distraction could easily cost them their position. The Hungarian, actual leader and title holder, seems to be going at the best pace, but there is still a long way to go commented the coach of Vabaro Simone Gesi.
In the women’s category Odile Van Aannholt of The Netherlands leads followed by Gumenko of Ukraine. Carolina Albano of CV Muggia, Italy holds an excellent third position. 12 races are still to be held with the event ending on Sunday, 27th April.

“ISAF (The International Sailing Federation), has confirmed the Byte for Nanjing 2014 after having its  first experience in the Youth Olympics which were held in Singapore. This choice confirms the validity of this boat especially for youngsters age 15-16, the age group which is represented in this World Championship and in the Youth Olympics” commented Alberto Portiglia, representative of the class and Nautivela boat constructor for Europe.

Racing starts at 12.30 on Thursday on which should be, according to the weather forecast, a perfect day.

Results M

Results W

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Regatta live reportage:
Fraglia Vela Riva Facebook page

ByteCII Tuning

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While many of the traditional dinghy classes rely on the vang to induce and maintain mast bend and a flat sail, the Byte CII does not.  This makes the boat unique in terms of tuning and sail trim compared to the traditional dinghy classes.  To help you train for the Worlds this summer, here is a basic overview of trimming the Byte CII’s sail across different wind ranges.